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Many thousands of money saving sites, but only one SaveMoney.com

Gain instant credibility and prestige by owning one of the top names in this sector.
A simple, memorable term relevant for a huge market - anyone looking to Save More or Spend Less.


Potential uses include: Savings Apps , Budgeting , Banking , Funds , Forums , Deals , Discounts , Coupons , Cashback , Rewards , Price Comparisons.. An endless supply of content, customers, revenue or affiliate income.


The Dotcom Advantage:

There are many lesser extensions or country codes but when good dot-coms become available, the best ones are highly sought after.

Consumers assume only the top companies can afford such names. And companies know the long term value of owning a premium dotcom:  Memorability, passing the 'radio test', email, direct traffic, an extra 'feeder site' or an Instant Brand offering a sense of trust and credibility. Simple, obvious names help bring new and repeat business.


As legendary start-up funder, Paul Graham of Y Combinator says:

"A marginal domain makes you look like a marginal company"


Other Benefits:


Analysts also see SEO advantages in natural, descriptive dot-com brands. Focused inward linking text and higher click-thru rates give strong signs of relevance. Good dot-com businesses often become dominant players in their field as the obvious place to go  e.g. RentalCars.com, CreditCards.com, Hotels.com

Dotcoms are also entitled to trademark protection as established by the case of Booking.com.
Can be treated as a tax expense, or held as an investment.

Act quickly before a competitor takes it off the market and gain the benefits from today.

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